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Images from the town of Poissy, France, near Paris, featuring its cathedral, Notre-Dame de Poissy. The town is also know for the Villa Savoye which has its own gallery here.
Aisle at Pulpit, Notre-Dame de PoissyAltar, Notre-Dame de PoissyCeiling, Notre-Dame de PoissyChapel, Notre-Dame de PoissyDoors from within, Notre-Dame de PoissyEnclos de l'Abbeye IIMuseum of ToysNave, Notre-Dame_de_PoissyNotre-Dame de PoissyOblique View Notre-Dame de PoissySide Aisle, Notre-Dame de PoissyTransept Arch, Notre-Dame de PoissyVillage, Rue du General de Gaulle

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