I am a fine art photographer specializing in architectural settings both urban and rural. In almost all cases, my subjects exhibit centuries of use, weathering, or graceful decay. Working with these qualities in my photographs, has helped me to understand more about how we shape our image of the world around us.

Places speak to us. Not only do they tell us about their present condition, but they also tell us a story of how they came to be the way they are - much in the way a good portrait shows us the physical person by hinting at the person's life story. In this sense, I see myself as a portrait photographer of the built landscape, and I hope my photographs will reveal something of the sense of place, time, and memory that these landscapes have conveyed to me.

Exploring these pages, you will find many examples of my work, including some that are not necessarily focused on the built landscape, but which contribute to my image of the world. You will also find links to my books, which explain more about the way I approach photography, and sources for purchasing photographic prints.