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Map Plates are like the Old Plate images you will find in other galleries, but these have an additional map layer which blends with the sky, foreground, or both. The map reflects the setting, its rough time period and the location of the subject. In the case of buildings, you will be able to locate the building on the map if you look carefully.
Florence, Italy - Campanile del DuomoFlorence, Italy - Duomo and Palazzo VecchioFlorence, Italy - Palazzo VecchioFlorence, Italy - Ponte alla CarraiaFlorence, Italy - Ponte VecchioLondon, England - Saint pancras StationLondon, England - St Martin in the FieldsLondon, England - St Mary le StrandLondon, England - Wellington CopperplateNaples, Italy - Vesuvio e NapoliNaples, Italy - Vesuvius and the Castel dell'OvoWing over Europe

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