Duotones, Color & Transformations

Selected Works by Mark Forte

As the title suggests, this publication includes many of the images included in the Duotones, Color, and Transformations galleries.

Back cover text:

Duotones, Color & Transformations offers an insight into the photographic work of Mark Forte. Trained as an architect, he initially used photography as a means of capturing and studying buildings, their details, and the context in which they existed.

Over time he realized that what attracted him about his subject matter lay beneath the physical trappings of the buildings. He could read a subtext in his subjects that told a story of space, time, and nostalgia.

His photographs are a means of discovering and retelling those stories, and in looking at the images in this collection you may just be able to discover these and other stories, as well.

80 pages
220 images, 90 full color, 130 Duotones

Duotones, Color & Transformations

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About the photographer

Many years ago Mark Forte received his Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Environmental Studies and a Masters of Architecture from Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley. Thinking that this would prepare him for a career in architecture he settled into the San Francisco Bay Area. He was right, but he was also not especially convinced that he wanted to be right.

Photography was always an adjunct to his architectural work, and after some thirty years he realized through his photographs that what he was after was not about architecture at all. It was about the spirit of place, of time, of memory.

Now when he is not writing for children or teaching students about the creative spirit of architecture, he fully explores this aspect of the art which showed him the error of his ways, seeking inspiration in his travels and in the beautiful high desert of his home in New Mexico.

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