Mark Forte Fine Art Photography | Exhibit Notes

About the Exhibit

I have always used photography as a means of capturing and studying buildings, their details, and the context in which they existed. Over time, I realized that what attracted me to architecture lay beneath the physical trappings of the buildings. I sensed a subtext that told a story of space, time, and nostalgia. I use my photographs as a means of discovering and retelling those stories.

Legacies in Stone, Polychrome Series I took these ideas a step further. In creating those polychrome images, I worked with a relatively narrow spectrum of color which enhanced the patina of the subject and evoked the stories that seemed to be flicker just beneath the surface. Venice: City of Illusions, Polychrome Series II builds on that approach to bring us closer to this beloved and marvelously mysterious city. As you view this new collection, I hope you will discover your own stories flickering beneath the surface, as well.

My work can be found in academic and commercial publications, as well as in private collections in Greece and the United States. The publication, Duotones, Color & Transformations, offers further insight into my fine art photographic works. Polychromes includes the Legacies in Stone Series as well as exmaples from this new series on Venice. (Both books asre available through