Mark Forte Fine Art Photography | Poissy - Villa Savoye - Duotones (Hidden)
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This gallery contains gallery of images of the Villa Savoye designed by the Swiss-French architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier.
Villa Savoye - ApproachVilla Savoye - Bathroom Chaise LongueVilla Savoye - Bathroom Sink & TubVilla Savoye - Door to Roof gardenVilla Savoye - FrontVilla Savoye - Front & GroundsVilla Savoye - KitchenVilla Savoye - Laundry Room DetailVilla Savoye - Living RoomVilla Savoye - Living Room FireplaceVilla Savoye - North FacadeVilla Savoye - PerchedVilla Savoye - Ramp at First FloorVilla Savoye - Ramp DetailVilla Savoye - Ramp from First FloorVilla Savoye - Roof GardenVilla Savoye - Southest CornerVilla Savoye - StairVilla Savoye - Stair & RampVilla Savoye - Stair in Use

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